Hellou, my name is George Bratsos and I am a colleague at the department of Computer Science and Telecommunications, Technical Educational Institute of Larissa, Greece.

My main interests include computers and technology, linux, website administration and development, cars, wrc rally and movies . In this blog you’ll see articles about computers, free software, personal wrc videos and my contributions to linux and open source projects.

My main linux contibutions are the following:

  • proud member of LinuxTeam. This team was founded in April 2007. We actively promote linux to our colleagues, teachers and to the School in general. We organize events like install fests and conferences about various topics plus hackfests and workshops. LinuxTeam also participates in conferences in other cities and have hosted the second Greek FOSS Communities Meeting in our school, all of the above being more than successful.
  • proud member of openSUSE Greek Community. This team’s main goal is to promote openSUSE in Greece. We plan to achieve this by translating the openSUSE distribution, wiki and documentation, translating the openSUSE Weekly News , organizing meetings, conferences and parties for all newcomers and old members, and last but not least, participate in conferences in Greece promoting our beloved distro.
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