Hellou world!

Welcome to my blog. This is going to house my everyday thoughts.

Here are some info about me:

I am a student at the department of Computer Science and Telecommunications in Larissa for the last 2 years which i will never forget because here i met new and amazing people. Also here in Larissa through my college’s LinuxTeam i learned about Linux and FOSS. I am proud member of my college’s LinuxTeam where we have successfully organized and participated in many linux events (install fests,hack fests, conferences, etc.). Also, i am an openSUSE Ambassador, member of greek openSUSE community which sums up my love to Gecko Force and FOSS.

My activities pretty much include: wrc rally, cars, driving games, movies and going out with friends.
You can have a look at the About page where I have already stated more personal info.

Of course I’ m looking forward for your feedback. Hope you enjoy being here! 😀


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